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This is what we are most passionate about.

We love to take your damaged vehicle and return it to you as good as new! It's "xtremely" gratifying for us!


We paint almost anything. And we mean anything! From cars and trucks, to golf carts, semi trucks, heavy equipment, machinery, even sculptures!  Wood, metal, plastic, you name it, we will paint it.


If you have a chip or a crack in your windshield, we have you covered. We can also replace broken side glass, and back glass too!

Are you a business looking to partner with a repair shop? We would love for you to consider us! We have proven relationships with many commercial and public service entity's from large trucking companies, to fire departments.

We can help! No fleet is too large or small.


Is your car starting to show off all those Michigan winters? We can fix that! We do not cut corners when repairing rust. We totally remove all the old rusted metal and replace it. 


Are your tires looking a little worse for wear? Or does one keep going soft? We can help you with that. We can get almost any tire brand as quickly as next day. We can also repair that pesky service tire pressure light that's been on your dash for six months!

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