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In an Accident?

We work on all makes & models

We work with all insurance companies

No appointment needed. Free estimates online or in person

Xtreme Auto is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing exceptional collision repair services. We strive to be different from other body shops - we look different and act different. We go above and beyond for our customers. 

Xtreme Auto Collision Repair Holland, MI 49423 Auto Body



One large difference between us and other shops is we will not sacrifice quality by cutting costs with our paint. We use the highest quality paints in Debeer Refinish. 


Our employees are Debeer Refinish Certified Specialists in painting and color theory. We know paint on a chemical level, which gets you that perfect color match every time!


eXceptional Service  -  eXceptional Repairs

We repair all makes and models, and work with all insurance companies


We are a service company, not a sales company. We truly care about our customers, and their needs! We pride ourselves on our integrity and workmanship.


We know car repairs can get expensive. So we strive to give you the best price we can on any repair. 


All of our team members are ASE and/or state certified technicians. We are the professionals.


Do not allow your insurance company to steer you to their direct repair shop! It's your vehicle, you choose the repair shop. Some insurance companies tell you that you need to use their "in network" or "direct repair" shops. This practice is illegal, and is called steering. They try to scare you by telling you that they will not warranty any repairs at other shops, and the process will take much longer. This is false. We warranty all of our repairs for life! We stand behind everything we do. Direct repair shops will tell you to drop off your car right away, but then neglect to tell you that they wont be starting on the repair for weeks. We don't do that at Xtreme Auto. We schedule your vehicle for repair when we know all of your parts are here, and we are ready to start.

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